Map to Find the Rustic Rim Hideaway Cabins

Rustic Rim Hideaway Cabins

Winter Travel Tips and Weather Information
You can have fun while visiting the snow!

Before you come up:
Buy a snowbrush and ice-scraper
Buy a package of kitty litter (for instant traction)
Buy tire-chains or tire-cables (yes even for 4x4's)
Try the tire chains for fit before you have to use them
Pack a small shovel

Winter driving tips:
Don't drive like you're going to work, give yourself lots of braking space and time
On slippery roads, DON'T lock-up your brakes!
To keep steering control while braking, lightly pump your brakes
When tire chains are required, put them on the drive wheels (i.e. front-wheel drive)
Be aware that road-side drainages are hidden by snow
Don't venture onto unplowed forest roads

Will I really need tire chains for the roads if there is snow?

Probably not, but then do you need health insurance? During the winter, you just never know until they're needed. Vicki and I see people out on the unplowed roads in 2WD without chains all the time... but they end up stuck more often than not. Often I see people that never need tire chains to get here, but end up needing them to get home. AZ DPS will not let you drive on the highway during chain restrictions without tire chains (sometimes even with 4x4's), and they are happy to turn you around for your own good. If you are the gambling type you can save $30 on tire chains and bet you won't get turned around or spend $150 on a tow or pull. If you didn't bring tire chains and can't move for the hard pack snow, I'll refer you to the Christopher Creek Garage for a $150 pull... none of the "locals" pull vehicles out anymore because we've all pulled too many bumpers off. Your safest bet is to be prepared and buy tire chains in Phoenix or Payson before you come up... and try them for fit before you have to use them. I personally keep tire chains in both of my 4x4's all winter long... most of the time they never get used, but I have used them a least a dozen times in the past years. Remember that ADOT plows the highways quite well and I have a snow plow for our local road and driveways. Usually it is not the unplowed snow on the roads that is the problem but more likely hard packed snow and poor traction. Also remember that the snow plows can cause the subdivision roads to look "wider" than they actually are, use caution to make sure you don't get into to the drainage ditches hidden by snow on each side of the road! Other things to make your snow visit more enjoyable are a snow-brush/ice-scrapper, kitty-litter (for instant traction), a small shovel (just in case) and a cell-phone. Please do yourself a big favor and stay off the unplowed forest roads during the winter! Have I begun to sound like your mother?! Have fun in the snow, we live here year round and don't get stuck... you can visit snow and not get stuck by just being "snow smart".

(No, we don't know the weather forecast beyond a couple of days!!!,
but we can tell you that the weather will be just as you want it to be!)

Directions to find the cabins

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Road closure information for Arizona

Call 1-888-411-7623 for current road conditions

To find the Rustic Rim Hideaway from Phoenix, follow State Route 87 North from Mesa or Fountain Hills to Payson. At McDonald's Golden-Arches, turn right (East) on State Route 260, (towards Show-Low), go about 36 miles (you will bypass Kohl's' Ranch and Christopher Creek - the road has changed), climbing the Mogollon Rim, past the Woods Canyon Lake turnoff and Willow Springs Lake. You will see a reduced speed (50 MPH) sign, a small "FOREST LAKES" sign, and the road widens to three lanes. Next you will probably see the following: Campers Country Corner on the right, Bugles Grazing and Guzzling Restaurant and Forest Lakes Lodge (a 2-story motel) on your left. Go 1 more mile (0.8 mi.) east to Mule Springs (at milepost 289.25 on Hwy 260, also a blue colored "Bed" sign signals your fast approaching left-turn). There are not any streetlights here at night! Take a left turn (North) onto Mule Springs Trail, a small gravel road, and follow it 300 feet until you see the office on the left (the brown house with a large circle drive and tall red reflectors at the driveway). (The office is NOT in the mobile home, the train-caboose or A-Frames on the cul-de-sac). The rental cabins are the three A-Frames in the cul-de-sac (Bill's Loop) across the street from the office.

If you see a GAS station on Hwy 260, you missed the Mule Springs Trail turnoff. Turn around, go about 1/2 mile, and turn right (north). If all else fails, call 535-9030 or 1-888-801-9030 for more directions.

A map to find us...
36 miles east of Payson to Forest Lakes
0.8 mile East of Forest Lakes Lodge to Mule Springs Trail
0.1 mile North on Mule Springs Trail to Bill's Loop.
Turn right at the sign! (OFFICE is across the corner from the sign in the brown house with red snow stakes or American Flags out by the driveway)
Office Picture